Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018, 18:30 Uhr

Web Engineering Meetup Düsseldorf


We are very happy to host the Web Engineering Düsseldorf Meetup in our Digital Garden. They will do an evening with three different talks. Max. 30 minutes each.

  • How to build an app in two years - From an idea to implementation (by Roman Alekseev)
  • Over-engineering: The hidden monster (by Mete Bulutay)
  • Dealing with Testing Fatigue (by Fabian Schmengler)

How to build an app in two years - From an idea to implementation (by Roman Alekseev)

Two years ago I did the first commit for my app. I couldn’t be imaging back then how much time it takes until it’s not ashamed to present to an audience. This talk is about my own path from the idea to implementation. It can be useful for those who is planning to build some app or thinking about a start-up.

My name is Roman. I’m a software engineer and a tech lead at trivago. I like to make things simple and efficient.

Over-engineering: The hidden monster (by Mete Bulutay)

This session describes how over-engineering appears in different stages of a software project and how it damages the project showcasing past experiences of the speaker in a funny way. After showcasing each project, solutions to how to prevent over-engineering were covered with positive experiences from the past as well. This is an interactive session where the attendants are encouraged to share their experiences and discussing how negative effects of over-engineering could be minimized in those particular cases.

Mete Bulutay is a senior software engineer with 14 years of experience in software design & development most of which were spent in working in public sector and defence projects in his homeland, Turkey. He is living in Netherlands since last year and he is currently working for 4C Insights, located in Eindhoven.

Dealing with Testing Fatigue (by Fabian Schmengler)

You know that writing automated test is the right thing to do, but in practice, it feels complicated and inefficient? Are you on the brink of giving up or hesitate to even start test automation? You might suffer from Testing Fatigue. But there is a way out! This talk reveals various sources of frustration when doing test automation and suggests counter-measurements. The main topic is testing architecture, which is in my experience often neglected. Good test architecture can make a huge difference in making your tests more maintainable and reducing frustration. We will have a look at “test smells”, anti-patterns in tests, see examples in PHP and actionable measurements against them.

Fabian is a Software Engineer, specializing in Magento development since 2011. He is part of integer_net, a small company of Magento experts and community enthusiasts in Aachen, Germany. There he puts emphasis on test automation and currently works on the side of his first book, „Test Driven Magento“. You can follow its progress at


  • 18:30 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink and socialize
  • 19:10 - 21:00: Talks
  • 21:00 - Open End: Socialising

See you in our Digital Garden!


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