Dienstag, 26. März 2019, 18:00 Uhr

hafentalks #14: Markus Wittwer - Mind as Code: Mindfulness for Developers and Knowledge Workers

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18:00 Uhr - Welcome mit Drinks & Snacks

Nimm Dir einen Drink, lass Dich von unseren Küchenchefs kulinarisch verwöhnen und lerne die anderen Teilnehmer kennen. Du möchtest unser Headquarter sehen und wissen, wie und wo wir so arbeiten? Mach eine Tour mit und lass Dir alles zeigen.

19:30 Uhr - Intro Twan De Leijer: “Mindfulness at InVision”

19:45 Uhr - Talk Markus Wittwer: “Mind as Code: Mindfulness for Developers and Knowledge Workers”

How to be more relaxed with the craziness of the world? How to focus more on what is really important during work and in life? How to be more resilient, when things don’t work the way we wanted? And how to react smarter to a situation like that?

Mindfulness is a very useful practice to develop all these skills by training one’s mind. It’s like switching to a new, more useful, operating system. Everything becomes a bit more easy. But in this case you are not switching your OS, you are slowly training your mind to become a more useful tool. Basically you become more proficient in hacking your mind: you slowly learn the programming language your mind responds to and thus cultivate a more friendly and fruitful relationship to your mind.

And while mindfulness practices have been around for quite a while, it is fascinating that in the last 30 years there has been a lot of scientific research into mindfulness, separating what works from what doesn’t.

In this interactive talk, Markus will share a bit of his own personal story, we will look at how mindfulness works and why it is worth practicing. We’ll also look at some of the science behind it and do a short practice that you can take home with you.

All of that using a lot of analogies to coding and there even will be a cat video.

20:45 Uhr - Q&A

Du hast noch Fragen zum Talk? Keine Scheu, bei uns soll keine Frage offen bleiben.

21:00 Uhr - Networking

Nach dem Talk kannst Du Dich mit den anderen Teilnehmern austauschen und den Abend langsam ausklingen lassen.

22:00 Uhr - Ende

Wo ein Anfang ist, muss auch ein Ende sein. Du hattest einen tollen Abend? Hoffentlich sehen wir uns bei den nächsten hafentalks wieder.


Markus Wittwer

Markus Wittwer

Markus has developed backend systems for large companies and is now an independent collaboration coach who helps to improve ways of working together. His ‘tools’ for that are the agile mindset, brain friendly workshops, non-violent communication, “Theory U” and “Art of Hosting”.

Mindfulness is his way to stay sane, effective and happy in the midst of all the craziness within organizations and the world. He is a certified trainer of “Search Inside Yourself” - the mindfulness and emotional intelligence program developed within Google.


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