Donnerstag, 05. März 2020, 18:00 Uhr

GDG Cloud Düsseldorf Meetup #13


We’re happy to announce Christiane Küch, Florian Hermisch, Frank Spiess and Randy Gupta as our speakers of the night!

B2B Services on GCP - Experiences on Prototyping a Service for Managing IoT Devices

Christiane Küch and Florian Hermisch will talk about their experiences while prototyping Sensor Management as well as Data Collection and Enrichment within a B2B Service on GCP.

Unlike B2C products, application data on B2B needs to be shared with several employees within the customers’ organization. Connected accounts of customers, such as Google Analytics, should be integrated to exchange information automatically.

Comprehensive usage of identity management (Identity Platform) and management of access rights (Firebase Custom Claims as well as IAM Policies) is required in order to bring such a service to production.

About Christiane and Florian

Christiane and Florian have both previously worked as IT-consultants and founded their startup Riitail - Retail interaction information through artificial intelligence beginning of 2020.

Riitail brings the mechanisms of online marketing analytics to stationary retail. Therefore, optical AI sensors are used to detect interactions of customers with displayed products / advertisements / showrooms. B2B Services in the cloud collect and enrich the data before feeding the marketing analytic tools of customers (e.g. Google Analytics).

Frank Spiess will introduce us to Kaavyo

Many chatbots, be they text based or voice based, tend to follow a rather simple dialogue structure. Like “Do you need help with removing a stain in your clothes?” - “No.” - “Okay. Talk to you soon!”. While this is a sensible approach to a variety of problems, there are use cases which demand more.

What if the chatbot needs to be able to derive one topic’s relationship to a different one? What if the variety of the possible dialogue topics needs to be much larger than a short hand-crafted list of words?

One approach might be to make use of the vast 6-million-pages English Wikipedia content, powered by a graph database (Neo4j) which enables us to do e.g. shortest path searches from one node to another. As a kind of “fun setup”, two Google Home voice assistants, each of them having a specific profile, will perform a dialogue with each other.

This can be seen as a one system tests the other line of action. The presentation is meant to be rather non-technical, it merely shows the concept of the solution as well as possible future development.

About Frank

Frank Spiess is a freelance product owner and solution architect, also involved in technical due diligences for startup investors.

His main strengths are bridging gaps between technical and non-technical people, and software prototyping. Frank holds a PhD in mathematics (data security) and a diploma in physics (semiconductor research).


The last session of the meetup will be a barcamp like session with Randy. All attendees are invited to bring in their favorite tools for productive development with kubernetes.

Our Agenda:

  • 18:00 - 18:30 - Dinner’s ready
  • 18:30 - 19:15 - B2B Services on GCP - Experiences on Prototyping a Service for Managing IoT Devices
  • 19:15 - 20:00 - Kaavyo - an approach to connect a chatbot to a graph database
  • 20:00 - 20:45 - Barcamp: k8s tooling
  • 20:45 - 22:00 - Drinks and great discussions…


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