Mittwoch, 08. März 2017, 19:00 Uhr

DevOps Meetup Düsseldorf


It’s that time again, where we meet to talk about DevOps and all the nice things surrounding that term. It took a bit longer this time and it has gotten pretty close to the actual Meetup which we hoped wouldn’t happen, but here we go: We have a schedule and two interesting talks! Of course we have learned from the last Meetup, so we will welcome those of you who arrive a bit earlier a few minutes before we officially open the doors.

The food will be vegan, as always. Thanks to our awesome InVisionChefs!

Our schedule:

19:00: Doors, Drinks, Snacks

19:45 Uberspace Release-Pipeline: From “New Feature” to Production by Mic Szillat + Q&A

20:15 Break

20:30 Open Stage: Tell us about something you built or a cool project you’re working on or something you read about in the last couple of weeks. We don’t expect any preparation. The stage is yours. You have 5 minutes max.!

21:00 Break

21:15 Building network services with gRPC: Concepts and examples by Mario + Q&A

The schedule is a bit elastic, but as you can see, even if you’re running a bit late, feel free to join us!


InVision AG Speditionstraße 5 40221 Düsseldorf

Parkplätze findest Du in den umliegenden Straßen und Parkhäusern.