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Different. Because here, your success really is our success.

At InVision, we work in self-managed teams. There’s none of the hierarchy and supervision that you see in traditional organisations. Our watchwords are teamwork, passion, innovation and quality. A company thrives when its employees have the opportunity to grow. That’s why at InVision, you’ll find a working environment and a corporate culture that really support personal growth.


Agile. In all corners.

In 2010, we started exploring and integrating agility in our software development. Since then, we have successively converted the entire company to an agile way of working. We call this Org Hacking, which is a never-ceasing pursuit that drives us to evolve. And it makes working here noticeably different. Find out for yourself


Test. Learn. Repeat.

Right now Scrum is the agile framework we use to align our work processes. For example, we use retrospectives to keep improving. Yet, we are always open to new methods, because we think this is the best way to learn. You need to make mistakes to be successful


No Bureaucracy. Trust is key.

Leave allocation? Time sheets? Approval workflow? Not here. If you need to take leave, go for it. We don’t have useless rules for our working hours. You also get to decide if you want to participate in training, attend a conference, or even just order a book. We trust each other to act in the best interest of the company, and only ask that you keep your team in the know. Check it out


Autonomy. Not Management.

There are no managers around here and we have no hierarchies in the traditional sense. But that does not mean that everybody is juggling a million tasks. We organise ourselves in cross-functional teams, which incorporate all of the necessary skills for independent, rapid and successful deployment. This is true for our finance and customer success teams, as well as product development. See how this works

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