5. Juni 2012

“The Power of One” – Practical Guide for Call Centre Agents Now Available as E-Book

Penny Reynolds, founding partner of The Call Center School and author of “The Power of One”, has created a classic in call centre literature. This widely read publication, featuring almost 30 pages, is now available as an e-book. It is intended for all call centre agents regardless of the industry that they operate in, and whether they are working at an outsourcing service provider or a company’s customer service centre. By reading the 13 brief and practical chapters of this frontline fundamentals e-book, every agent can learn how important their own work is for the service centre or its clients, and how they can contribute on a daily basis to the success of the centre they are working for.

In the first part of this e-book, the author clearly illustrates, with the help of various practical examples, the importance of every single customer contact and how it can be quantified. Hands-on tips are provided for making the most of each customer phone call by choosing the right welcome, a friendly tone of voice and appropriate language. Additionally, the reader is motivated to consider each complaint as a gift, as an excellent opportunity to help an angry customer become a happy and satisfied customer, who will even recommend the company, its products and services to others.

The second part of the e-book is aimed at explaining to each call centre agent, in a clear and easily understandable way, the importance of their direct contribution to the efficiency and profitability of the service centre. Based on simple numeric examples, Penny Reynolds illuminates the first principles and challenges of workforce planning and management in a call centre, and shows the effects of deviations from staffing schedules on the centre’s productivity and costs. At this point, the reader realises the power of every single call centre agent to be able to influence customer loyalty, as well as the efficiency and economic success of the service centre they are working for.