11. März 2010

Stockholm Callcenter i Fokus Konferens: Optimised Multi-Skill Scheduling with InVision Software

InVision Software, a leading international provider of enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, will introduce the efficiency potential of optimised multi-activity scheduling at the Callcenter i Fokus Konferens taking place from 17 to 18 March at Bonnier Conference Centre in Stockholm. At the InVision stand, visitors will experience how InVision Enterprise WFM enables planners to properly carry out forecasting and scheduling in a multi-channel environment and how customers may achieve the proper balance of service between channels by using service level simulations. On the second conference day, GoExcellent, one of InVision’s customers, will showcase in a best practice presentation how the outsourced services provider successfully uses InVision Enterprise WFM for scheduling its 12 sites across the Nordic region.

With the introduction of multi-channel environments, the forecasting and scheduling of contact centre agents becomes more and more complex. This is due to the mix of channels and the difference between response time expectations each of these channels. The problems are compounded when the contact centre operates across multiple sites and where the agents have multiple skills. “Many companies do not face the consequences of poor service and annoyed customers. This impacts contact centres which are not giving their agents sufficient time to deal with non-telephony work”, explains Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software. “The result is that emails are being ignored or answered too late, with these disappointed customers either ringing the contact centre with their request or going elsewhere entirely with their business. Contact centres should be forecasting their multimedia workload and scheduling agent time accordingly, otherwise they might as well not bother offering an alternate channel to traditional telephony. With our workforce management solution, InVision Enterprise WFM, we offer them easy-to-use scheduling for multi-skill environments.”

Thus, InVision Enterprise WFM’s Service Level Simulation function is an ideal tool to support the planner as it considers the actual backlog, the forecast for the time period concerned, handling times, prioritisation, service level targets and the planned staffing for front and back office for each task. It gives planners instant and easy access to the information they need to make the right decisions on balancing these channels to ensure that each agent is staffed according to corporate policy.

Visit InVision Software Inc. at the Callcenter i Fokus Konferens:

  • Bonnier Conference Centre, Stockholm
    Best practice presentation by Michael Koch, Head of Planning, GoExcellent: 

  • “Making Winners with Workforce Management”
  • March 18, 3.50 p.m.