12. März 2009

Stockholm Callcenter i Focus Konferens: Best Practices in Modern WFM to Overcome Economic Downturn

InVision Software, a leading international provider of workforce management (WFM) solutions, will introduce its 2009 contact centre staff retention proposition at the Callcenter i fokus konferens at the Bonnier Conference Centre in Stockholm, 25th-26th March, 2009. The software solution InVision Enterprise WFM enables contact centres to reduce labour hours and payroll expenses without the need for excessive layoffs. As a result, InVision customers are able to lower operating costs while leaving themselves prepared for an eventual return to economic prosperity. On the second conference day, IKEA, one of InVision’s customers, will showcase in a best practice presentation how its customer service centre in Älmhult succeeded in transforming its formerly Excel-based staff scheduling into a modern workforce management. InVision Enterprise WFM is an easy-to-use, web-based software solution that supports the whole process of demand-oriented workforce management in contact centres – all the way from forecasting to scheduling, optimisation, time management and monitoring.

The solution holds a unique, patent pending technology for demand-oriented planning of multi-skill environments. This enables multi-activity scheduling that generates fully optimised rosters in a single step and in a fraction of the time of other systems. Planners can create requirement-driven and optimised schedules at the push of a button while meeting all scheduling constraints, such as relevant legislation, local agreements and contracts of individual employees as well as work-life balance guidelines. The software module AutoScheduler performs the entire scheduling and optimisation process in a single step, starting from the long-term assignment of working hours per day all the way to defining individual activities to be performed within the course of a day.

“Our schedule optimisation technology helps to reduce the working hours scheduled per employee and to minimise overtime, cutting labour and payroll expenses”, explains Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software. “Savings are substantial, greatly offsetting the cost of the technology and proving an immediate reduction in operating costs. Our optimisation engine leads the market in its ability to optimise schedules with respect to service levels and other key performance indicators, as well as agent work availability and preferences.”

Furthermore, InVision’s pricing option relieves pressure on cash flow in these troubled financial times: The short-term renewable licensing provides the cost advantage of software as a service (SaaS) with the full functionality of a system installed on customer premises. A key benefit is the ability to maintain the high quality of service that is provided by a permanent staff, helping to minimise customer churn – a common effect of poor service that leads to declining revenues.

Visit InVision Software at the Callcenter i focus konferens: 

  • Bonnier Conference Centre, Stockholm

Best Practice Presentation IKEA: 

  • 26th March, 2009 at 11:00 a.m.