27. Oktober 2014

Sky Germany’s Service Centre Optimises Staff Planning with Workforce Management from InVision

With the introduction of the InVision workforce management (WFM) solution, Sky Germany’s service centre in Schwerin has significantly reduced the administrative workload for its staff planning and increased the productivity of the entire operation. The persons responsible for WFM now have one hundred percent control over the entire, complex planning process and the system used for this purpose. In addition, the company has achieved a ninety percent compliance rate of employee preferences, which proves an increase in employee satisfaction.

The Sky Deutschland Service Center GmbH in Schwerin employs approximately 750 people offering an exclusive service for customers and prospective customers of the pay-TV provider Sky Germany - operating 24 hours a day, all year round. Since the start of the Schwerin-based contact centre in 2000, staff planning was executed with the help of in-house tables and lists. Parallel to the growth development of the parent company Sky Germany, the Schwerin location continued to grow. Thus, the complexity of planning increased and operational processes became more elaborate and time-consuming. Therefore, the Sky Germany Service Center GmbH decided to implement a professional workforce management solution: their choice was InVision.

The InVision system enables the Sky workforce managers to create an optimised, requirement- and employee-oriented workforce management. They always have optimal control over the entire course of the day and can execute short-term planning changes in case of deviations. Agents are more efficiently planned and deployed, having resulted in an increase of overall productivity of the service centre.

“The risks arising from manual management and processing of numerous lists were completely eliminated. And we have reached our goal to increase productivity, in any case”, says Thomas Opheys, Director Forecasting & Performance, Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG. “We also meet at least 90 percent of all employees’ preferences. But the most important thing is that with InVision we have gained complete visibility and control with regard to our capacity and resources. We are absolutely satisfied with the solution from InVision.”