18. Dezember 2008

Service Centres of Perry Knorr deploy Workforce Management Solution of InVision Software

The two service centres of Perry & Knorr GmbH in Berlin and Flensburg are new users of the workforce management system InVision Enterprise WFM. With the solution of InVision Software, one of the leading international providers of enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM) systems, the staff planning of about 750 agents at the Berlin and Flensburg sites will be carried out in a demand-oriented and skill-based way. The further expansion of these sites as well as the establishment of further service centres are already planned.

Sven-Ole Klinge, CEO of Perry & Knorr Flensburg GmbH, is very pleased about the selection of the new solution for an optimised planning of the agents: „After having evaluated several WFM solutions available on the market and a three months testing phase at our Flensburg site, we were convinced to settle for the optimum solution according to our requirements by choosing InVision.” Holger Schilaske, CEO of Perry & Knorr GmbH, Berlin, confirms: “With InVision at our side, we can rely on an experienced partner with profound knowledge of workforce management systems. The new WFM solution helps us to always schedule the right staff with the right qualifications for the right time at the right place.” The service offerings of Perry & Knorr include telemarketing campaigns, pre and post sales activities as well as highly qualified customer service support and handling complete business processes. In terms of Business Process Outsourcing, companies can completely transfer the acquisition of new customers or their direct sales activities to Perry & Knorr.

Prospectively, InVision Enterprise WFM will support the whole demand-oriented workforce management process of both service centres – all the way from forecasting to scheduling, optimisation, time management and monitoring. Moreover, the AutoScheduler module enables planners to set up fully automated, demand-oriented and optimised schedules taking into account individually definable guidelines or rules. „As a result, Perry & Knorr will achieve greater efficiency as well as a reduction in costs in the short term by planning consequently in accordance with the actual demand,” adds Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software.

At the Flensburg site, the implementation of the software is already completed and the system has been successfully in use for several months now. After full implementation of the solution and the termination of user training for the planning team at the Berlin site, Perry & Knorr expects to comprehensively use InVision Enterprise WFM in the course of the first quarter of 2009.