6. Januar 2009

NRF 98th Annual Convention Expo: InVision Enables Retailers to Reduce Costs with Optimised WFM

At the NRF 98th Annual Convention & Expo of the National Retail Federation, taking place on January 12th and 13th, 2009, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, InVision Software, one of the world-leading suppliers of enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM) solutions, demonstrates for retailers of all formats and sizes how to optimise the processes of managing their workforce. L abour remains one of the retailer’s largest costs, and facing the current economic crisis, it is more vital than ever to rely on systems that enable a cost-saving store management. InVision’s workforce management solution InVision Enterprise WFM meets retailers’ needs, empowering them to reduce labour costs considerably, advance productivity, improve employee satisfaction and boost revenue by leveraging better customer service.

InVision Enterprise WFM reduces expensive overtime, minimises idle time and increases sales by making sure that store staff is present to exactly match the pattern of trade. In combination with integrated forecasting and time management features, it puts retailers in the position to reap the maximum return on their labour investment”, says Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software. The web-based solution InVision Enterprise WFM has a modular architecture and supports the whole demand-oriented workforce management process, all the way from budgeting and forecasting to optimised scheduling of staff, as well as time and attendance management and monitoring. The solution is highly flexible and applicable in all sized retail businesses: It is just as suited to scheduling the employees in a department store as it is for reducing personnel costs and increasing productivity when planning hundreds of thousands of employees globally.

Thanks to its open interfaces, the software can be integrated smoothly into existing IT environments and connected to numerous external systems. It allows store managers and planners to optimise staffing of their sales floors, warehouses, as well as call centres and the back office by creating schedules that optimally conform to the actual business requirement. At the same time, it helps users to comply with all relevant legislation, local agreements, and the contracts of individual employees. In addition, InVision’s employee web portal ‘Infothek’ allows a fair and transparent employee self-service process – employees have web access to their rosters and can even enter requests for preferred work times. Furthermore, real time monitoring and online data consolidation tools provide complete transparency and allow the retailer to quickly react to changes on an informed basis.

Meet InVision´s retail specialists at the 2009 NRF Annual Convention & Expo: 

  • Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York
  • Booth 3115