11. Oktober 2021

Annual General Meeting Approves Stock Option Program

The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of InVision AG (ISIN: DE0005859698) received strong approval from shareholders at the 2021 Annual General Meeting held on Friday, 8 October 2021. All agenda items up for resolution were approved with a clear majority. A total of 85.07% of the registered share capital was represented at the virtual Annual General Meeting.

In addition to the resolution on the appropriation of profits, the discharge of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board, and the election of the auditor, the Annual General Meeting approved the compensation system for the Executive Board and confirmed the existing compensation of the Supervisory Board. Moreover, amendments to the Articles of Association were resolved to bring them into line with new legal requirements.

Furthermore, the granting and issuing of subscription rights under a 2021 stock option program was resolved. The stock options may be issued up to and including October 7, 2026, to members of the Executive Board, executives and employees of the Company, and to members of management, executives and employees of affiliated companies. The subscription rights can be exercised for the first time after a waiting period of at least four years. Depending on the achievement of a defined performance target, which is related to the growth of the Company’s consolidated sales, an exercise period of a maximum of three years will then apply.

“We are very pleased with the approval of our shareholders regarding the realisation of the 2021 stock option program,” said Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision AG. “This will allow us to let employees and managers, who shape and implement the corporate strategy, and are thus largely responsible for the sustainable value development of the company, participate in the success of the company and retain them in the long term.”

To secure the subscription rights from stock options, a Conditional Capital 2021 (Bedingtes Kapital 2021) was resolved in the amount of EUR 223,500.00. In order not to exceed the volume permitted for conditional capital under the German Stock Corporation Act, the existing Conditional Capital 2020 was reduced to EUR 894,000.00. The Annual General Meeting also approved the cancellation of the existing authorization, and, at the same time, the creation of a new authorization to acquire and use treasury shares, as the authorization from the previous year did not allow the use of treasury shares to cover a stock option program.

The voting results of the 2021 Annual General Meeting are now available on this website: www.ivx.com/investors/shareholder-meetings.