19. August 2009

New White Paper from InVision: Reducing Costs by Integrating Staff Scheduling and Time Management

InVision Software, a leading international provider of enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM) systems, offers a free white paper to staff planners, time management supervisors and HR managers, focusing on integrated staff scheduling and time management processes. The downloadable guide explains how to optimise the management of working times in increasingly demanding working environments and in the context of progressively more complex company structures.

Efficient personnel scheduling requires integrated time management which is just as flexible as the working hours of the employees. In most businesses, labour and time are the most valuable resources. As employers move away from fixed working hours to demand-oriented staff schedules, the more complex the requirements for time management become. Even in small and medium-sized companies, this cannot be managed without modern IT applications. This InVision white paper explains step by step how to optimise all time management processes with the help of the software solution InVision Enterprise WFM, from the transfer, distribution, allocation, monitoring and approval of working times using time accounts to the export of validated, error-free data for payroll systems.

“The automation of time management saves time and money. It also helps to avoid payroll errors, eases the scheduling burden and increases employee satisfaction,” says Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software. “For efficient time management, it is important that all applicable rules can be defined and used to automatically process all time account transactions in the system. For example, rules may apply to break times and rounding may be applied at the beginning or end of a shift. It is also necessary to correctly identify whether extra work should be done at normal pay rates or on overtime pay rates.”

Integrating staff scheduling and time management processes into a single comprehensive workforce management system provides a number of benefits, leading to increased efficiency and performance – especially welcome during these difficult economic times. Benefits include reduced administration costs due to automated time account calculation, eliminated pay inflation due to identification and correction of time recording errors, as well as an increased employee satisfaction and productivity due to more flexible working hours.

The white paper ‘Efficient Time Management in Increasingly Demanding Working Environments – How the Management of Working Time Can Be Optimised in the Context of Progressively more Complex Company Structures’ is available as free download at: