26. August 2005

New InVision Enterprise WFM Revolutionizes Multi-Skill Scheduling and Supports the Work/Life Balance

InVision Software will showcase a revolutionary new approach to Workforce Management at ACCE (Seattle, WA) with its ground-breaking Multi-Activity Scheduling solution. This unique feature delivers productivity and efficiency improvements for multi-skill Contact Centers in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort required by previous-generation systems.

InVision’s Multi-Activity Scheduling (MAS) solution optimizes staffing requirements using an advanced patent-pending optimization techniques. The MAS approach to skill based scheduling offers major advantages over traditional adapted-single-skill or simulation based scheduling. InVision MAS overcomes the inflexibility of alternative approaches by taking into account the full range of employee skills and applying them to the needs of the Contact Center dynamically.

MAS ensures that multi-skill efficiencies are fully realized by generating schedules based on individual skills, thus maximizing service level achievement. In addition, employees benefit from additional job variety which can be difficult to achieve without skills-based scheduling.

From the planner’s point of view, MAS ensures multi-skilled employees remain occupied for greater periods of each shift, helping to increase productivity and other KPIs. This is achieved without the complexity, and overhead setup, and maintenance associated with earlier simulation-based systems. The time required to generate skills-based schedules using MAS is a fraction of what earlier systems required.

A Boost for Contact Center Work/Life balance

In addition, InVision offers Interactive Scheduling, a feature which allows employees to make choices regarding shifts. This capability has proven to be a very powerful influence on motivation and retention. Employees can make requests for shifts based on business requirements. InVision customers report upwards of 80% of shift requests are granted, thus fulfilling the needs of both employee and employer. Interactive Scheduling is enabled by InVision’s Infothek module, a browser-based agent portal which also enables self service for shift swaps, holiday requests and more.

“Contact Center operators are increasingly looking for ways to improve employee retention and satisfaction by promoting good work/life balance and taking employee work preferences into account,” commented Andreas Bopp, InVision Vice President Business Development North America. “While these are important considerations, previously Contact Centers have found it hard to integrate these objectives with the conflicting drivers of increasing efficiency and improving customer service. InVision offers a route to all three requirements with a strong and tangible pay-off for Contact Center employers and employees.”

Citing global blue-chip customers Andreas Bopp said “InVision customers have reported a wide range of benefits from implementing InVision WFM, ranging from significant improvements in service levels and abandonment rate, to increased planning effectiveness and dramatic reductions in staff attrition.”

A number of customers such as KarstadtQuelle (a major German retailer using InVision Enterprise WFM to schedule 5000 employees) have even benefited in terms of recruitment. – Call center agents have actively chosen to work for the company instead of other employers, simply because of the level of agent interaction available with the InVision solution.

About InVision Software

Formed in 1995, InVision Software has established itself by gaining a significant market share in continental Europe. InVision is rapidly increasing its footprint in the North American marketplace by developing and implementing products designed to forecast, schedule, manage and monitor employees in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The InVision customer base currently includes global brands such as ABN AMRO, BMW, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Sky and T-Mobile. A truly global player, InVision has a local presence in Chicago IL, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria as well as the UK and Ireland.

InVision Software provides a comprehensive workforce management solution, enabling customers to optimize every aspect of the scheduling process. The web-based software significantly reduces personnel costs by matching the number of staff to the specific requirement of the business, thus preventing under and over staffing.

As a workforce management solution, InVision Enterprise WFM easily integrates with existing IT systems, and interfaces with a wide variety of external systems to produce forecasts and enable data exchange. InVision’s solution has been successfully implemented more than 480 times across businesses of varying sizes, ranging from 25 employees to tens of thousands of employees.