15. Januar 2013

New E-Book: “Power Phrasing – Winning Words for Effective Telephone Communications”

After the successful publication of “The Power of One”, injixo Press has now released the second e-book in the “Frontline Fundamentals” series written by Penny Reynolds, founding partner of The Call Center School. “Power Phrasing – Winning Words for Effective Telephone Communications” is a compact guidebook for every customer service employee, offering a practical introduction to the art of effective communication. The author provides valuable tips that have been proven in practice, and helps the reader to successfully manage each customer contact in the future.

For some customers, the first and often only contact they have with an organisation is a phone conversation with an agent in the contact centre. That’s why it is important for every agent to make each conversation count, as it not only matters what you say but also how you say it. The “Power Phrasing” e-book describes, in four topic sections, how to make the most of each customer service contact.

In the first section, Reynolds explains how to answer the phone and begin a phone call properly, use good manners to transfer calls, manage and close calls effectively, word voice mail greetings and leave messages on customers’ voice mail systems. The next section focuses on specific words that should not be used, and what you should pay attention to when talking to the customer. Reynolds describes how to choose positive wording in order to leave a professional, competent and positive impression with your customers, as well as how to provide customers with instructions and route them through complex operations by explaining each step in a helpful and friendly manner.

Having explored the basics, readers can learn how to make the best out of difficult calls through concrete tips on handling talkative and angry customers and dealing with complaints. Finally, the e-book provides both a set of practical examples for readers to train in the wording of customer-friendly conversation, and suggestions for putting theory into practice.