22. März 2017

2016 Consolidated Financial Statements - Dividend Proposal of EUR 0.50 Per Share

Today, InVision AG (ISIN: DE0005859698) released its 2016 Annual Report and confirmed the preliminary results for the preceding financial year, which were previously published on 7th February 2017. In 2016, the Group achieved an EBIT increase (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) of 33 percent to EUR 3.547 million (2015: EUR 2.676 million) and an EBIT margin of 29 percent (2015: 21 percent). Total revenues were at EUR 12.426 million (2015: EUR 12.708 million).

Similar to previous fiscal years, InVision’s cloud products recorded an above-average growth. In 2016, injixo revenues increased by 35 percent to EUR 2.748 million (2015: EUR 2.035 million), and revenues from The Call Center School rose by 37 percent to EUR 0.599 million (2015: 0.436 million). Revenues from InVision WFM subscriptions were at EUR 7.961, which is almost on the same level compared to the previous year (2015: EUR 8.012 million). The project business, however, was further reduced by 50 percent to EUR 1.118 million (2015: EUR 2.225 million), as scheduled.

The operating cash flow increased by 103 percent to EUR 4.472 million (2015: EUR 2.334 million). As of 31st December 2016, liquid funds rose by 185 percent to EUR 4.009 million (31st December 2015: EUR 1.405 million). Equity capital increased by 28 percent to EUR 10.697 million (2015: EUR 8.376 million), and the equity ratio equals 68 percent (31 December 2015: 59 percent). The consolidated group result improved by 8 percent to EUR 2.321 million (2015: EUR 2.156 million). Thus, earnings per share also increased by 8 percent to EUR 1.04 (2015: EUR 0.96).

The Management Board and Supervisory Board proposes to pay a dividend of EUR 0.50 per share from the distributable profit of InVision AG and to carry forward the remaining amount to new account.

For the coming months, corporate planning outlines an aggressive expansion of sales and marketing activities. Subsequently, the revenue growth of the cloud products injixo and The Call Center School will be significantly accelerated. For 2017 fiscal year, InVision expects a slight increase in total revenues and an overall positive result.

The complete 2016 Annual Report is now available on the Company’s website at https://www.ivx.com/investors/financial-reports/.