11. August 2011

Free Webinar – 3 Biggest Lies About Workforce Planning and Labour Strategies in the Contact Centre

InVision Software, one of the leading international providers of cloud-based workforce management for contact centres, in conjunction with The Call Center School and Core Practice, is pleased to bring to the contact centre community a web seminar focused on today’s important contact centre staffing and labour strategy issues. On Thursday, August 18th, at 6:00pm, Penny Reynolds from The Call Center School and John Frehse from Core Practice will present on www.crmxchange.com “The Three Biggest Lies About Workforce Planning and Labour Strategies in the Contact Centre: A New Mindful Look at Three Important Workforce Planning Decisions.”

This seminar, delivered via the CRMxchange educational platform, will take a look at three important workforce planning decisions that call centre professionals should consider in the development of 2012 staffing budgets and plans. The speakers, Penny Reynolds and John Frehse, will present new ways to approach critical staffing decisions. The workshop will review speed of answer goals and how to quantify the financial impact of these service decisions. Attendees will see how overtime might be the cheapest way to get the staff coverage needed. And finally, scheduling options and case studies will be presented that illustrate ways that not only provide a more effective match between workforce and workload, but make staff happier too.

The one-hour workshop will be lead by two industry thought leaders, Penny Reynolds, Co-Founder of The Call Center School, and John Frehse, Co-Founder of Core Practice. Penny, author of “Call Centre Staffing – The Complete, Practical Guide to Workforce Management”, is a popular speaker at industry conferences and is known for her common-sense approach to workforce planning issues. John is the Chief Strategist at Core Practice, a company called upon for strategic labour consulting by some of the best known manufacturing organisations as well as the call centres that support them.

Anyone wishing to register for the free workshop on August 18th, 2011, can visit: