20. Mai 2005

InVision Software Supplies Personnel Deployment Systems to Fraport Cargo Services GmbH

InVision Software AG, a provider of systems for requirements-oriented personnel planning, has a new Transport and Logistics customer. Fraport Cargo Services GmbH has selected a resource planning system from InVision and accorded a contract for licenses and services.

As from the 1st of July 2004 the freight service of Fraport AG will be placed under the responsibility of its subsidiary, Tradeport Frankfurt GmbH, and will be renamed to Fraport Cargo Services GmbH. As part of these changes, the company will also implement software-based resource planning. Fraport Cargo Services GmbH is Germany’s largest neutral freight dispatch service provider and has over 30 years experience with international clients in freight dispatching (info@fraport.de). Fraport offers its clients customised airline freight services. Fraport Cargo Services GmbH employs around 620 people, whose schedules are generated with the InVision Staff Planning System (SPS).

Advantages of a software-supported scheduling system include high levels of transparency and time saving it allows. This also means you can adapt personnel deployment to actual requirements. The staffing requirement for Fraport is derived from data imported from their Cargo Information System (CIS). The company also plans to use the software to schedule absences, vacations and training events.

Within the context of restructuring company strategies, Fraport Cargo Services GmbH has taken major strides towards IT-supported personnel planning. The InVision Staff Planning System will help Fraport Cargo Services achieve their objectives.