26. November 2008

“Promising” Rating in Leading Analyst Firm's MarketScope for Retail Time and Labour Applications

InVision Software received a “Promising” rating in the recent Gartner report “MarketScope for Retail and Labour Applications”*. The German-based IT company was one of the 12 vendors evaluated for the report that gives an overview of the current market of time and labour management in retail. Workforce management (WFM) solutions with integrated time management performance facilitate optimised and demand-oriented staff scheduling and help to improve store productivity.

According to the Gartner report, “The retail time and labour management software application market continues to mature. This is good news for retailers, because a large percentage we have spoken with are still doing timekeeping and staff scheduling manually. Gartner believes that this reflects the current state of many large retailers, bringing to the forefront the continued opportunity for improving efficiency and effectiveness in stores for retailers.” For large retailers, Gartner considers “Standardising operating processes to drive consistency in store execution across global operations” as an important trend.

“In my opinion, the Gartner analyst’s evaluation of InVision Software confirms our international expertise that warrants consideration from global retailers”, says Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software. “Our existing retail customers are already reaping the benefits of demand-oriented employee scheduling and efficient time and attendance management with our solution InVision Enterprise WFM. Labour remains one of the retailer’s largest costs. In the face of the current economic downturn, there is no better time than now for investing in a catalysing as well as cost-saving application to better staff and run stores in favour of an improved service experience for customers.”

InVision Enterprise WFM (iWFM) is a web-based software solution for enterprise-wide workforce management. It is currently available in twelve languages. The solution allows the staff planner to optimise staffing by creating schedules that at all times conform to the actual requirement. At the same time, iWFM helps users to observe all relevant legislation, local agreements and the contracts of individual employees. Furthermore, it allows for employee involvement in the planning process via the module ‘Infothek’. The modular architecture of iWFM supports the whole of the demand-oriented workforce management process that goes all the way from forecasting to scheduling, optimisation, time and attendance management and monitoring. The software is highly flexible and applicable in all sized companies: It is just as suited to scheduling 100 employees as it is for reducing personnel costs and increasing productivity when planning hundreds of thousands of employees globally. Thanks to its open interfaces, iWFM can be integrated smoothly into existing IT environments and connected to numerous external systems. The iWFM software solution holds a unique, patent pending technology for demand-oriented planning of multi-skill environments helping to save a considerable amount of time. In addition to the software solution and maintenance, InVision also offers a large service portfolio to ensure the best results of the investment: analysis of user requirements and staffing, entire project management, system integration, programming of user-specific add-ons or daily support in using iWFM.

* Gartner “MarketScope for Retail Time and Labor Applications” by Gale Daikoku. 21 November 2008.