14. September 2011

InVision Presents Free Webinar on CallCentreHelper.com: The Power of One in Call Centre Staffing

On Thursday, 22nd September 2011, at 1:00pm BST, InVision Software, one of the leading international providers of cloud-based workforce management (WFM) solutions for contact centres, is going to present an interactive webcast on www.callcentrehelper.com: “The Power of One in Call Centre Staffing”. The two panellists, Penny Reynolds, founding partner of The Call Center School, and Jonty Pearce, editor at Call Centre Helper, will illustrate how the scheduling of one single agent can make the difference between achieving service level goals and missing them.

Attendees of this web event will learn about the critical components of getting to the optimal headcount in contact centres and what workforce management capabilities are needed to manage “the power of one” effectively. Penny Reynolds will explain the fundamental calculations associated with call centre staffing, including how to quantify the impact of overstaffing or understaffing on service delivery, staff occupancy, and bottom-line cost. She will demonstrate how to translate call workload into “bodies in chairs” numbers, and how to maximise productivity without burnout, considering the many hidden costs of understaffing. Moreover, she will report on clever ways call centres around the globe are communicating “power of one” concepts to their staff to ensure everyone understands the importance of schedule adherence.

As a bonus, all webinar participants will receive the white paper “The Mathematics of Call Centre Staffing: Managing a Call Centre by the Numbers”, as well as The Call Center School’s popular Quikstaff calculator for staffing what-if questions, and a complimentary e-learning license to a WFM training programme from The Call Center School.

To sign up for the free webinar “The Power of One in Call Centre Staffing” please register here: Free Webinar@callcentrehelper.com.