21. April 2008

InVision Invests in Distribution Partnerships and Strengthens Its Channel and Alliance Management

InVision Software (ISIN: DE0005859698), a leading international provider of enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, is restructuring its indirect sales operations and formed the dedicated Channel and Alliance Management division at the beginning of the year. Thus, in addition to expanding its direct sales operations, which at the international level is constantly fuelled through ongoing active employee recruitment at all its locations, InVision is now also investing just as aggressively in strategically expanding its indirect distribution channels.

Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software AG, explains: “Until now, we have worked primarily on a project-by-project basis with various, mostly local distributors and system integrators. We would like to intensify and expand these cooperative ventures. Through the Channel and Alliance Management division, we will now be investing significantly in order to solidify our existing national and international partnerships and to seek out new distributors in an effort to more quickly penetrate other local markets and additional industries.”

The long-term geographic expansion of InVision’s distribution network has been structured in three stages: After building out the indirect sales operations in the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) – above all in the Scandinavian, Eastern European and South Eastern European countries as well as on the Arabian Peninsula and Africa – the Company will enter the APAC Region (Asia-Pacific) and expand its presence in North and South America. In all these regions, InVision is expecting to partner with companies primarily in the retail, call centre, transport and logistics industries, but is nevertheless planning joint ventures in other industrial segments in which InVision has not yet been doing business and has been doing business but only on the periphery.

InVision is currently looking for distributors above all in those countries in which it does not yet have branches. The existing local distributorships will continue to be supported by their previous contacts at InVision, as this support is slowly consolidated and centralised into the Channel and Alliance Management division. At the same time, the structures for effective channel marketing will be set up to ensure that the necessary sales support exists for each partner. Moreover, InVision is focusing on important strategic alliances and is strengthening its collaboration with large, international system integrators and consulting firms.