8. September 2009

InVision Implements Workforce Management Solution at Scandinavia’s Biggest Department Store, Gekås

The department store Gekås Ullared AB has selected InVision Software, a leading international provider of solutions for enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM), to implement its staff scheduling system InVision Enterprise WFM. The InVision solution will optimise the staff planning of 1,100 employees at Gekås’ hyperstore. Gekås is Scandinavia’s biggest department store and is located in Ullared, Sweden. In July 2009 alone, Gekås handled more than 500,000 customers and generated revenues of approx. 400 million Swedish krona (approx. 34 million pounds).

The Swedish department store has decided to implement all modules of InVision’s employee scheduling software to cover the entire workforce management process – from demand-oriented forecasting to scheduling, optimisation, integrated time management and finally to monitoring and managing schedules. Using InVision’s comprehensive WFM system, Gekås intends to match the deployment of its in-store employees with actual customer footfall and thus improve customer service while avoiding over- and under-staffing. Applying the integrated time management features of the WFM solution the department store will establish an efficient payroll processing system. Moreover, employees will be able to enter preferred working times online, and these choices will be taken into account within the scheduling process.

The implementation of InVision Enterprise WFM will start in the course of autumn 2009 and it is planned that the system will go live at the beginning of 2010.