17. März 2008

InVision at the SWPP Annual Conference: Enabling Real-Time WFM and Work-Life Balance

At this year’s SWPP Annual Conference, The Summit for Workforce Management Excellence, industry experts will gather to learn about new developments in call center staffing strategies and technologies. The conference is held by the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) and takes place from 26 – 28 March 2008 at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. InVision Software, a world-leading supplier of enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM) solutions and gold sponsor of the conference, showcases at the conference’s vendor showroom the new features of its software InVision Enterprise WFM. In addition, InVision will also present a workshop during the conference focused on approaching the issues surrounding work-life balance and the use of workforce management to satisfy the needs of the company while enhancing the employee’s perception of achieving a desirable equilibrium.

At the vendor showroom, conference attendants will have the opportunity to experience how to continuously optimize staff planning with the help of InVision’s real-time monitoring of actual data coming from integrated time management balancing it with projected data. With the modules TimeKeeper and TimeManager the current software release InVision Enterprise WFM 4.5.0 offers a completely integrated time management function which enable the user to coordinate recorded working times and different time accounts, i.e. for overtime, special shifts, holidays or normal working hours. Deploying rules specified by the users according to their individual needs, the TimeKeeper module manages employees’ recorded working times automatically and processes punch-in and punch-out times as they are entered.

In addition, managers can see predicted time account balances in TimeManager, giving them an overview of all employees’ time accounts in the scheduling system. The TimeKeeper and TimeManager modules are connected to each other via a process workflow. The data from the time management modules can also be accessed in ShiftCenter, which represents the centerpiece of the InVision Enterprise WFM system for enterprise-wide scheduling requirements: here, users can check the schedule and actual data quickly and easily, and so continuously optimize staff deployment.

Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software Group, explains: “With the help of our integrated time management modules our clients can now optimize their staff planning in an easy, efficient, and time-saving way. Actual and projected data as well as the employees‘ time accounts are always available – at a glance and in real-time. In order to achieve a truly demand-oriented workforce management planners are optimally supported to have the right employees with the required skills in the right place at the right time.”

InVision Software at the SWPP Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee: 

  • Opryland Hotel
  • InVision Workshop: Thursday, 27 March 2008, 3:45 – 5:00 p.m.