27. Mai 2010

InVision Software Announces Implementation Partnership with Fujitsu

Fujitsu, a leading IT systems, services and products company, has signed an implementation partnership agreement with InVision Software, a leading international provider of enterprise-wide workforce management solutions. The partnership will enable retailers across Europe to benefit from market leading innovations with the support of fully managed systems integration and service delivery.

“The priorities in the retail sector are to match the deployment of in-store employees with actual customer footfall and thus to improve customer service and to avoid over- and under-staffing as well. We are pleased that Fujitsu has selected InVision Enterprise WFM as an appropriate solution to meet these requirements”, said Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software.

The workforce management InVision Enterprise WFM enables retailers to optimise their staff planning, scheduling and time-management processes. Using iWFM, retail companies are able to enhance workforce productivity and ensure better customer service, increased sales and reduced operating costs. Therefore, stores can create schedules that consistently deliver the best possible fit between customer flow and staffing levels, while complying with all relevant labour standards including work-life balance guidelines and employee preferences. The software is highly flexible and applicable in retail companies of all sizes. Thanks to its open interfaces, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT environments and connected to numerous external systems.

Sarah Kellett, retail industry consultant at Fujitsu, stated: “InVision Software offers a comprehensive retail solution which addresses the core challenges retailers are facing. Working closely with InVision, Fujitsu will manage and support implementations for retailers from the initial analysis of the requirement through to service delivery. The partnership reflects the pressing need to drive operational agility and excellence whilst offering retailers the opportunity to improve their customer’s experience.”