23. Mai 2005

InVision Software and NextiraOne France Sign Cooperation Contract

On March 6, 2003, InVision Software SAS, Paris, and NextiraOne France finalized their strategic cooperation agreement. In the former Alcatel subsidiary, InVision was able to win an additional internationally active reseller with a leading market position.

NextiraOne’s dominance in the French market and the functional supplementation of their e-business solutions with InVision´s workforce management software make NextiraOne the ideal sales partner. “NextiraOne has many years of experience in the Contact Center environment and excellent contacts. We therefore expect a significantly higher sales revenue potential. The connection with existing Alcatel customers is of particular importance”, explains Peter Bollenbeck, Chief Executive Officer of InVision.

NextiraOne France evolved from the distribution and service department of Alcatel and is a subsidiary of global player NextiraOne. As the leading supplier of e-business communication solutions, NextiraOne France has a market share of over 50 per cent of the French call center integration market.

The collaboration with NextiraOne will allow InVision to consolidate its strong position in the French market and to profit from synergies on an international level. NextiraOne expands its portfolio through the addition of InVision’s software products, enabling it to offer call centers a more comprehensive service package.