30. November 2009

InVision Software AG Publishes Interim Financial Report as of September 30, 2009

  • Group revenues climbed up to Euro 9.2 million, licence revenues increased by 34 percent
  • EBIT equalled Euro -4,2 million and is slightly above expectations
  • The Company reconfirms outlook for fiscal year 2009

InVision Software AG (ISIN: DE0005859698), one of the leading international provider of solutions for enterprise-wide workforce management, today published its interim financial report for the first nine months 2009. The final results most closely correspond to the preliminary figures that have been already published on November 5th, 2009. In the first nine months 2009, Group revenues totalled EUR 9.2 million compared to EUR 8.7 million in the same period last year. This represents an increase of 6 percent. Compared to the preliminary results, the EBIT has improved at a certain extent and is with EUR -4.2 million (preliminary EBIT: EUR -4.4 million) slightly above the Company’s expectations. In the first nine months 2008, the EBIT equalled EUR -6.0 million. The net Group results totalled EUR -3.1 million in the first nine months of the current fiscal year, compared to EUR -3.8 million last year. Accordingly, earnings per share were EUR -1.39 (first nine months 2008: EUR -1.69).

Licence revenues climbed up by 34 percent to EUR 3.5 million. In the same period last year, the Company generated EUR 2.6 million with software licences. Even maintenance revenues increased by 28 percent and totalled EUR 3.3 million, compared to EUR 2.5 million in the first nine months 2008. As already reported in the announcement of the preliminary results, services revenues declined by 32 percent down to EUR 2.4 million in the first nine months 2009 (first nine months 2008: EUR 3.5 million) as a consequence of lower licence revenues during the end of fiscal year 2008. The Company expects increasing services revenues in future, resulting from the continuous growth of licence revenues since beginning of 2009.

Revenues in the “Germany, Austria and Switzerland” region increased by 7 percent to EUR 3.9 million in the first nine months 2009, compared to EUR 3.7 million in the previous year. Even in other foreign countries revenues increased by 5 percent up to EUR 5.3 million (first nine months 2008: EUR 5.0 million).

InVision Software AG reconfirmed its outlook and the Company’s plans remain unchanged, expecting a significant increase in revenues as well as an EBIT of app. EUR -2.2 million for the fiscal year 2009.

The complete interim financial report for the first nine months of 2009 is available now for download on this website, in the section ‘Financial Reports’.