12. März 2008

InVision Software AG: Preliminary annual earnings for 2007 confirm growth trend


Based on the preliminary figures for fiscal year 2007, InVision Software AG (ISIN: DE0005859698), one of the leading international providers of solutions for enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, will have generated revenue of approximately EUR 15.8 million (2006: EUR 10.733 million), thereby increasing its revenues by approximately 48 percent. Given the very good trend in revenue growth, the company is projecting an approximately 58 percent increase in operating earnings (EBIT) to approximately EUR 3 million (2006: EUR 1.949 million). The consolidated earnings rose by approximately 77 percent to approximately EUR 2.6 million (2006: EUR 1.472 million).

The very strong second half of 2007 was a main factor contributing to the increase in income. For all of 2007, the most important source of revenue was once again licence revenue, which totalled approximately EUR 9.5 million and was therefore approximately 56 percent higher than in the previous year (2006: EUR 6.103 million). During the same period, maintenance revenue rose by approximately 35 percent to approximately EUR 3.2 million (2006: EUR 2.347 million) and professional services revenue climbed by approximately 39 percent to approximately EUR 3.2 million (2006: EUR 2.283 million).

The anticipated excellent development in revenues for the various regions directly illustrates the Group’s continuing international growth. While revenues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland rose by approximately 44 percent between 2006 and 2007 to approximately EUR 7.5 million (2006: EUR 5.206 million), income earned in other foreign locations increased by approximately 51 percent to EUR 8.3 million (2006: EUR 5.527 million). This income from foreign locations represents approximately 53 percent of total revenues in 2007 (2006: 51 percent).

Global revenues with Call Centres rose by approximately 10 percent to approximately EUR 7.5 million (2006: EUR 6.799 million). Revenues outside Call Centres grew by approximately 112 percent to approximately EUR 8.3 million (2006: EUR 3.934 million). This represents approximately 53 percent of total revenues (2006: 37 percent). The company expects to continue the profitable growth trend at the international level during this current year.