19. April 2011

InVision Carries Out Share Buy-back And Repurchases 67,048 Of Its Own Shares


InVision Software AG is repurchasing 2.99% of its registered share capital, which is the equivalent of 67,048 no-par value shares, at a price of EUR 16.88 per no-par value share. In response to the offer to repurchase up to 67,050 no-par value shares, which offer expired on 14 April 2011 and the results of which were transmitted by the authorised bank to the Company following expiry of the post-Offering grace period, the shareholders have delivered statements of acceptance relating to 67,068 no-par value shares. Due to this over-subscription, InVision Software AG will engage in a partial (proportional) allotment pursuant to the terms and conditions of the offer document.