15. April 2008

InVision Software AG: 2007 Earnings must be scaled up to EUR 2.6 million

InVision Software AG (ISIN: DE0005859698), one of the leading international providers of enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, must scale up its 2007 earnings. Due to a change required under IFRS regarding the carrying value of a money market investment, the Company must now report EUR 2.6 million in net income for 2007. On 10th April 2008, the Company reported consolidated net income of EUR 2.5 million for 2007. These results represent a 90 percent increase over last year’s reported consolidated net income (2006: EUR 1.4 million).

Earnings per share jumped from EUR 0.61 in 2006 to EUR 1.17 in 2007. At the end of its fiscal year 2007, InVision held liquid funds and securities totalling EUR 16.8 million, instead of the previously reported EUR 16.7 million in liquid funds and securities. Other financial figures remain unchanged. Group revenues increased by 48 percent to EUR 15.9 million, and the Group’s EBIT rose 60 percent to EUR 3.1 million in fiscal year 2007. The equity capital ratio stays the same at 86 percent.

The complete 2007 Annual Report of InVision Software AG will be available for download on this website, in the section ‘Financial Reports’, on 30th April 2008.