12. Juli 2005

InVision Software Acquires International Tradeshow Presence in Berlin and Paris

In February two tradeshows will take place concurrently: the CallCenterWorld in Berlin and the Alcatel Forum in Paris. From the 9th to the 12th of February CallCenterWorld will inform of current trends in the call-center sector, and from the 10th to the 12th of Febrauary the Alcatel Forum will inform of business communication solutions and applications. InVision Software AG will be represented at both tradeshows because of their important market position both in Germany and in Europe, but also in order to set the course for the year 2004.

The software firm from Ratingen will make use of both events to introduce their newest release of their workforce management system, which has incorporated two new modules and many new features. The InVision Staff Planning System (SPS) is completely web-based and includes apart from a tool for systematic master data management, also modules for the scheduling of requirements, capacity, shifts and monitoring, and also for taking into account the employees’ requests when it comes to scheduling.

The new forecasting module Prophet that can be found in release 4.2 supersedes ForecastPro. Its web-based user interface and new features make it more user-friendly and allow a fully controlled processing of the data relevant to scheduling, plus also a very precise forecasting procedure. The Desk Manager function organizes the assignment of employees or teams to their workplaces and takes care of the workplace management on a daily basis. With the newly implemented Shift Exchange employees can swap shifts with colleagues. This feature belongs to the Infothek, the place where employees can express their shift requests, and it contributes to a more interest-oriented staff planning and to high employee motivation. Release 4.2 has been successfully implemented at various clients’ sites since Fall 2003. Apart from its user friendliness, it is characterized by its stability and precise planning results.