20. September 2007

InVision presents a new release: iWFM 4.5.0

InVision Software AG, one of the leading international providers of software for enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, will be presenting version 4.5.0 of its InVision Enterprise WFM (iWFM) software package at various trade fairs throughout Europe between now and the end of 2007. The new features of version 4.5.0 of the modular iWFM system will be on display to visitors of the following trade fairs: Swiss Contact Day at the Biel Convention Centre (Kongresshaus - September 20,2007), Call Centre Expo in Birmingham (September 26-27, 2007), Inter Airport at Munich airport (September 9-12, 2007), Workforce Management Congres in Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands (October 11, 2007), Personal España in Barcelona (October 17-18, 2007), Personal Austria in Vienna (November 7-8, 2007) and Retail & GDO in Milan (November 27-28, 2007).

The most significant new feature of iWFM release 4.5.0 is the newly integrated function TimeManagement, an innovative addition with the modules TimeKeeper and TimeManager. In addition, the optimisation processes have been overhauled and the InVision Enterprise WFM’s user interface has been completely redesigned. The iWFM is now available as a 64-bit version and in a total of twelve languages, the most recent additions being Polish and Russian.

Keep track of time with TimeKeeper and TimeManager

Thanks to the newly integrated TimeManagement function, employees’ time accounts can be managed and implemented with the same precision as their schedules. The TimeManagement function contains the two modules TimeKeeper and TimeManager, which enable the user to coordinate recorded working times and different time accounts, i.e. for overtime, special shifts, holidays or normal working hours. Deploying rules specified by the users according to their individual needs, the TimeKeeper module manages employees’ recorded working times automatically and processes punch-in and punch-out times as they are entered. In addition, users can see predicted time account balances in TimeManager, giving them an overview of all employees’ time accounts in the scheduling system. The TimeKeeper and TimeManager modules are connected to each other via a process workflow. The data from the TimeManagement modules can also be accessed in ShiftCenter, which represents the centrepiece of the InVision Enterprise WFM system for company-wide scheduling requirements: here, users can check the schedule and actual data quickly and easily, and so continuously optimise staff deployment.

A better way to achieve optimum, requirement-oriented staff planning

Release 4.5.0 of the InVision Enterprise WFM also sees a revision of the central components of the staff planning program, implemented in order to increase the system’s processing speed. In addition, the AutoScheduler user interface has a clearer structure and provides both more information about the degree of optimisation and an option for creating additional reports. The AutoScheduler module is an optional extra which creates requirement-oriented, optimised plans that take all scheduling rules into account: it enables the entire optimisation process to be completed at the touch of a button and in a single step, from the long-term assignment of daily working times to the detailed, down-to-the-minute definition of each day’s individual activities.

Thanks to these updates, release 4.5.0 of the InVision Enterprise WFM enables companies to improve their staff deployment with even greater speed and ease than before. The two new modules in TimeManagement provide a concise, real-time overview of schedule and actual times, as well as of employee time accounts. This means that the user can achieve requirement-oriented workforce management objectives by scheduling the right staff with the right qualifications for the right time at the right place.