20. Oktober 2005

InVision Enterprise WFM: A New Release Packed With Cutting-Edge Features

After a successful presentation at Call Center Expo in Birmingham, InVision has launched the new generation of its workforce management system. InVision Enterprise WFM is a solution that helps businesses across industries to optimize the way their staff is scheduled. Its new and improved time management components make it even easier to leverage and coordinate requirement forecast, staff scheduling, time management and monitoring. Besides, the solution now contains an additional module which monitors all scheduled and actual activities in real time. Another new addition is a feature that revolutionizes the way complex activity structures are optimized. Workforce management (WFM) will not only make the staff schedule more efficient but also simplify all processes involved in scheduling.

Regardless of the industry and the size of your company, the way your employees are scheduled is a factor critical for success. To improve your efficiency, it is indispensable to rely on a solution that will take care of scheduling for all your departments, especially when you consider rising costs and the need to take customer requirements into account. Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of the InVision Software Group, explains: “Conventional staff planning systems simply don’t do the trick when you want to optimize working hours in keeping with a staff requirement, especially when we’re talking about complex environments. For a scheduling procedure to be economically sound, we need flexible tools that meet all the challenges and deliver fast results. The new InVision Enterprise WFM delivers these results.”

Workforce management with new features for time management

Efficient staff scheduling requires integrated time management that is equally flexible as employees’ working hours. Monitoring and managing working hours is closely intertwined with the way your staff can be scheduled. If these aspects are not well coordinated, scheduling becomes tricky business. The more flexible your staff’s working hours are, the greater the challenge becomes to correctly calculate and process employees’ work accounts. InVision Enterprise WFM will equip you with the functions that enable you to seamlessly integrate time management into all WFM processes. Processing flexible working hours will thus be just as easy and reliably accurate as scheduling your staff.

Real time monitoring

Any scheduling procedure, no matter how well it is tailored to the requirement, can become useless if there is no way to tell whether the schedule is being complied with. That’s the reason InVision is offering a completely revised module which will enable you to monitor your employees’ current activities and compare them to the schedule. AdherenceMonitor gives you at-a-glance information in real time. It will highlight any deviations from the schedule and ensure that the schedule is adhered to, that need for assistance is identified, and work processes are optimized.

Multiple activities – one optimization problem

The more heterogeneous employees’ skill profiles and responsibilities are, the more complicated it gets to optimize all their activities. To deal with this, many software providers choose the simulation approach, which is a very time-consuming method, or will cut up a shift into sequences to schedule employees for one activity at a time. In many cases, this leads to the actual staff need regarding individual activities being ignored. That way, ideal staffing cannot be guaranteed; often overstaffing is inevitable. InVision has solved this problem by introducing the Multi-Activity feature. This feature enables you to determine your staff requirement while taking into account all available staff capacities, including their skills and the activities they can carry out. By pooling skills and activities, you can minimize your staff needs: the requirement for specific activities can be covered by scheduling employees who are qualified for fewer activities. Our specifically developed, revolutionary calculation approach will make sure that Multi-Activity scheduling is not only more precise but also faster than a sequential scheduling procedure, and at least 50 times faster than the simulation approach.

Employee Self-Service – less paperwork, less administrative effort, shorter communication channels

The InVision Infothek is an integrated tool that will simplify both the scheduling process and communication with your employees. This portal allows your employees to select and manage their working hours, request days off, schedule absences, and print various reports. A new addition is the interactive shift exchange. This feature enables your employees to trade shifts with colleagues. The system will ensure that trade are not approved unless they comply with your scheduling rules. Infothek will reduce the administrative effort and make sure that information is processed and forwarded in a faster and streamlined manner, thus cutting cost and improving the productivity both for your staff and for your scheduling routine as a whole.

InVision Enterprise WFM is a modular system designed to optimize staff scheduling. InVision has more than 160 customers worldwide, among them global players such as ABN AMRO, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, H&M, IKEA, Vodafone and T-Mobile. Through its requirement-driven scheduling approach, InVision Enterprise WFM achieves a significant improvement in staff deployment and has been proven to reduce personnel-related expenses by up to 25%. The solution is completely web-based and comprises various modules which cover all areas of company-wide workforce management. This includes the requirement forecast, capacity and staff planning, employee self-service, time management, real-time schedule updating, and real-time monitoring.