23. März 2011

InVision Announces Strategic Partnership with The Call Center School

InVision Software, one of the world’s leading providers of workforce management (WFM) software solutions for contact centres, announced today a strategic partnership with The Call Center School, the industry’s leading training and education company. In an effort to expand its user support and training programmes, InVision will partner with The Call Center School to provide workforce management and other call centre operational training via multiple delivery mechanisms to support its workforce management software solutions.

InVision recently announced the availability of iwfm.com, bringing one of the most widely used workforce management systems in Europe, to the market as a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering. The availability of this product “in the cloud” enables InVision’s customers to eliminate investments in hardware and software and facilitates the most timely delivery of upgrades to the user community.

According to InVision CEO, Peter Bollenbeck, “This partnership with The Call Center School means we will now provide the industry’s most comprehensive training programmes to complement our leading-edge software solutions. This results in a perfectly rounded solution that maximizes benefit and value to our customers.”

Penny Reynolds, Founding Partner of The Call Center School, adds, “One of the reasons that the investment in workforce management software solutions is not fully realized is the lack of a comprehensive understanding on the part of the user of how to best apply WFM tools to make the most of their call centre resources. Training is often too narrowly focused on simple system navigation skills, with not enough emphasis on the theory and concepts of workforce planning. With a broader focus on business driver analysis, forecasting techniques, staffing trade-offs, scheduling best practices, and intra-day management techniques, companies implementing WFM tools can realize a much bigger return on their WFM efforts and technology investment.”

Bollenbeck confirms, “We look forward to working with The Call Center School to design a practical, comprehensive training programme that will combine knowledge of workforce management best practices with software application how-to steps. We will roll out a programme that provides InVision customers with a full range of training options, including a selection of delivery options to best suit their operational needs.”