15. Januar 2014

InVision AG Expands Share Buyback Programme to a Total of 75,000 Treasury Shares


Today, the Executive Board of InVision AG (ISIN: DE0005859698), with the approval of the Supervisory Board, has decided to extend the share buyback programme determined on 29th May 2013. In the course of this expansion, the previous limit of the buyback of up to 50,000 of the company’s own shares on the stock exchange (corresponding to 2.24 percent of the share capital) has been extended by 25,000 shares to a total of 75,000 shares (corresponding to 3.36 percent of the share capital). All other parameters of the share buyback programme decided on 29th May 2013, and subsequently extended on 6th December 2013, remain unchanged (see also the Company’s Ad-hoc Notices of 29th May 2013 and 6th December 2013).

The share buyback is based on the authorisation granted at the Annual General Meeting of 24th August 2010 to acquire up to 10 percent of the company’s own shares. As of the share buyback programme’s start on 30th May 2013, InVision AG held 43,648 treasury shares (corresponding to 1.95 percent of the share capital) and has acquired a total of 46,832 own shares (corresponding to 2.1 percent of the share capital) for a total value of EUR 945,264.99 until 14th January 2014.

Currently, the Company holds 90,480 treasury shares. This corresponds to 4.05 percent of the share capital.

InVision AG continues to regularly provide information on the development of the share buyback programme on the company’s website at Share Buyback.