6. Februar 2013

injixo WFM Cloud Solution Meets with Broad Acceptance on German-Speaking Contact Centre Market

In 2012, InVision started the active marketing of its injixo WFM cloud solution for the German-speaking contact centre market. Since then, the number of users planning their workforce ‘in the cloud’ is constantly rising. Among those customers there are various in-house service centres, such as the call centre of Verlagsgruppe Weltbild in Augsburg, and many call centre services providers, such as Kuck + Schmidt in Frankfurt or Callpoint in Switzerland. Small and medium-sized contact centres can particularly benefit from the advantages that are provided by InVision’s cloud-based solution for demand-oriented workforce management.

Currently, cloud computing is the hottest topic in IT. Analysts predict enormous growth rates - and in fact, more and more businesses are buying cloud solutions. This trend has also arrived in the contact centre industry. By deploying cloud solutions – such as cloud-based workforce management (WFM) – companies can achieve competitive advantages in a short period of time. This is of decisive relevance, particularly in times of economic weakness. Solutions that leverage savings potential, and at the same time do not require huge investments, are in great demand.

A professional WFM solution not only demonstrably increases efficiency and staff motivation, but also significantly decreases payroll and administration costs, even where there are less than 20 agents that need to be scheduled. However, up until recently many service centres, especially small and medium-sized businesses, could not afford to implement a WFM software tool. With today’s cloud offerings, customers can benefit from professional workforce management solutions without having to make capital investments in additional storage capacity, purchase expensive hardware and software licences in advance or engaging in a lengthy start-up process and heavy IT projects.

With the injixo WFM cloud offering, contact centres of every size and industry can use InVision’s multi-award winning workforce management solution without having to make huge initial investments. injixo WFM is offered at a remarkably affordable subscription fee per user per month, and the user count can be temporarily scaled up for seasonal peaks or campaigns when required. The cloud solution automatically generates schedules that optimally cover staffing requirements and supports the entire WFM cycle, from requirement and capacity forecasting through single- and multi-skill schedule generation, on-the-day management, agent self-service, schedule adherence monitoring and comprehensive reporting functions. injixo WFM is easily accessed via a web browser, includes industry-leading provisions for data security and high uptime is guaranteed.