10. September 2013

injixo Presents “Creative Scheduling Strategies” in a Free Webinar for Contact Centre Professionals

On Thursday, 19th September 2013 at 1 pm GMT, injixo will present “Creative Scheduling Strategies” in a free webinar on callcentrehelper.com. Participants in this interactive online session will learn about the common scheduling challenges and problems contact centres face. They will also compare some traditional techniques of effective scheduling that match up the contact centre’s workforce to the workload, with creative strategies to find the right balance between efficient schedules, service requirements and staff preferences.

Scheduling is the art and science of getting just the right number of people in their seats at precisely the right times to handle the workload. Too many agents at one time of day means that contact centres are paying needless money for staff when they are not needed. Then at peak times, when there are not nearly enough people to go around, service level suffers and customers are facing a never-ending queue of calls. Additional factors also need to be included that makes scheduling even more complex: flexible shifts, part time and full time staffing, home working, dealing with holidays, banked hours, skill-based scheduling, extended hours of operation, or the need to cover e-mails, web chats and social media interactions in addition to calls.

In this webinar, the panellists Jonty Pearce, editor at Call Centre Helper, Penny Reynolds from The Call Center School, and Chris Dealy from injixo, will discuss the most common problems call centers face with the delicate balance between service and efficiency. They will look at different scheduling strategies and explore how they work, and offer practical tips on getting that “just right” set of schedules in place. As this is an interactive webinar the audience will also be able to participate in the discussion, find out which strategy could be best for their own business, share tips, post questions and comments in a live web chat and vote in polls.

To sign up for the free “Creative Scheduling Strategies” webinar please register here: Free Webinar@callcentrehelper.com.