8. Mai 2013

injixo Hosts Free Call Centre Webinar: “Top 5 Workforce Management Myths”

On Thursday, 23rd May 2013, at 1 pm GMT, injixo will present the free “Top 5 Workforce Management Myths” webinar on callcentrehelper.com. In this interactive online session, participants will hear some common misconceptions about workforce management (WFM) and learn to understand the true facts of WFM that disprove these myths.

Workforce management encompasses a complex set of organisational processes. This complexity might be one reason why there are many common misconceptions about WFM, for example: “Overtime is always evil”, “True labour cost is easy to calculate” and “Expensive software is the solution”. These workforce management myths often discourage organisations from implementing effective WFM practice and prevent them from realising the benefits of WFM systems.

In this webinar, the panellists, Jonty Pearce, editor at Call Centre Helper, Penny Reynolds from The Call Center School, and Chris Dealy from injixo, will explore some common WFM myths and provide insights that the participants can take away to improve their WFM practices without disruptive change and without spending lots of money.

To sign up for the free “Top 5 Workforce Management Myths” webinar please register here:
Free Webinar@callcentrehelper.com.