19. November 2008

Human Plasma Collector ZLB Plasma benefits from Optimised Workforce Management with InVision

ZLB Plasma, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida (USA), is now efficiently managing its workforce with the support of the software solution InVision Enterprise WFM. ZLB Plasma is a division of the pharmaceutical company CSL Behring and one of the largest collectors of human plasma worldwide. This summer, InVision Software, one of the leading international providers of enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, successfully completed the implementation of its software. It enables efficient staff planning for the entire organisation of ZLB Plasma donor collection centres, which currently comprises over 4,500 employees working at over 60 donor centres across the USA. Additional donor locations and operations in Germany will be included in the project in the coming months, as well as staff planning of a laboratory facility in Knoxville, Tennessee.

“With InVision at our side we can rely on an experienced partner with profound knowledge of workforce management systems. The new WFM solution helps us to always schedule the right staff with the right qualifications for the right time at the right place”, says Gary Ziccardi, Senior Director, Information Technology & Engineering, ZLB Plasma. “Thanks to InVision Enterprise WFM we benefit from cost efficient rostering and save a lot of our employees’ valuable working time that they can now invest in taking care of the plasma donors.”

Human plasma is used for developing life-saving pharmaceutical products needed for medical treatments, e.g. for immunological or blood disorders, and needs to be treated with special care. Key challenges faced by ZLB Plasma include determining projected donor arrivals in 15-minute intervals and the flexibility to schedule staff skills based on variable donor centre hours. Against this background, ZLB Plasma chose to implement a workforce management solution for efficient staff planning in order to achieve remarkable savings in employee scheduling associated costs and to decrease employee turnover with more predictable schedule options.

Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software, explains the importance of this project for the InVision group: “After the establishment of our subsidiary in North America three years ago and the rollout of a number of WFM projects in the US, we are very pleased with the successful completion of the project for ZLB Plasma. By comparison, this represents a major project for our business activities in the United States. Based on this success we will further speed up the development of our US business.”