31. Mai 2011

4 Things to Reconsider about WFM in 2011 – Free Webinar Presented by InVision and Call Centre Helper

InVision Software, one of the leading international providers of cloud-based workforce management solutions for contact centres, announced today an upcoming web event presented by Penny Reynolds, Founding Partner of The Call Center School, a strategic partner of InVision Software. The webinar, “Four Things to Reconsider About Workforce Management in 2011”, is focused on getting the right number of resources in place at the right time. The one-hour event is scheduled for Thursday, 9th June 2011, at 1:00pm GMT and will be presented on www.callcentrehelper.com.

Some workforce managers continue to follow the same old processes year after year, spending much effort with no better results. This webcast session will take a look at some of the most common WFM stumbling blocks and how contact centres are responding to new workforce challenges. Participants will hear about how the wrong measures, ill-conceived goals, inflexible practices, and outdated technology can be holding back workforce managers from the most effective use of their valuable personnel resources.

Aiming at better results by learning from these common mistakes, contact centres have to dismiss the old WFM routine and must reconsider four important things about workforce management: The webinar presenter, Penny Reynolds, will elucidate the current industry shift in service level goals and expectations. Furthermore, Penny will show ways to improve forecast accuracy and practical techniques to create a more flexible workforce. And finally, new choices for WFM tools that provide maximum capabilities at minimum cost will be presented.

To sign up for the free webinar “Four Things to Reconsider about Workforce Management 2011” please register here: