29. Januar 2013

“Forecasting and Planning a Multi-Skilled Workforce” – Free Call Centre Webinar by injixo

On Thursday, 7th February 2013, at 1 pm GMT, injixo will present the free “Forecasting and Planning a Multi-Skilled Workforce” webinar on callcentrehelper.com. In this interactive online session, participants will learn about the benefits and pitfalls of multi-skilling. In the discussion, experts and the audience will share the best ways to forecast and plan for a multi-skilled workforce.

Multi-skilling gives major advantages to the contact centre in terms of improved customer service, reduced waiting times and improved agent productivity. Multi-skill ‘pooling efficiencies’ enable the increase in performance, but can also be a nightmare to forecast and plan for. This is particularly true in today’s multi-channel contact centre, which has to cope with inbound and outbound calls, emails, web chat and social media. It is necessary to manage individual agent skill-sets, qualification and training levels, as well as multi-lingual agents in some cases. Many contact centres have cross-trained agents in order to maximise workforce productivity, but without the right forecasting and scheduling strategies and tactics, most will still fall short of their goals, especially when communications channels other than inbound calls need to be planned for.

The panellists, Jonty Pearce, editor at Call Centre Helper, Maggie Klenke from The Call Center School, as well as Chris Dealy and Dean Couchman, both from injixo, will explore the challenges of forecasting and planning a multi-skilled workforce. They will demonstrate how today’s professional workforce management systemstake the pain out of multi-skill scheduling, while taking into account the various communication channels, the skill-sets of individual employees and the pooling efficiencies offered by multi-skilling. Last but not least, attendees will get tips and learn about best-practices how to avoid inefficiency in multi-skilled staff scheduling while maintaining or even improving the centre’s service levels.

To sign up for the free “Forecasting and Planning a Multi-Skilled Workforce” webinar please register here: Free Webinar@callcentrehelper.com.