10. April 2006

Europ Assistance the Netherlands Chooses InVision Enterprise WFM for Scheduling Its Employees

Different modules of the InVision solution will be used for creating the forecast, scheduling of the employees, creating reports and offering the possibility for the employees to view their schedules, exchange shifts amongst each other, and applying for vacation days through the Dutch web interface.

About Europ Assistance the Netherlands:

Europ Assistance the Netherlands was established in 2001 and formed from the, in 1969 created, Schade Alarm Service S.A.S. b.v.. As part of the Worldwide Europ Assistance Group, Europ Assistance the Netherlands knows what it means when it comes to personal assistance: nationally and internationally, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Both for your company as well as your customers. Europ Assistance the Netherlands combines a complete and quality high-end service package with a great degree of flexibility and anticipation.