18. August 2009

E.ON Service Plus Expands Workforce Management with Solution of InVision Software

E.ON Service Plus GmbH, which provides shared services such as accounting, claims and customer contact management for various businesses within the E.ON group, confirms expansion of its existing workforce management solution InVision Enterprise WFM to 500 agents. For several years, E.ON Service Plus has been successfully scheduling its service centre agents with InVision Software, one of the leading international providers of enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM) systems.

During the last few years, the number of agents working at the three principle sites of the company in Landshut, Bayreuth and Kassel has increased steadily. To meet its new challenges, E.ON Service Plus GmbH decided to expand the existing workforce management solution from InVision Software. And moved towards a more optimised, demand-oriented approach to scheduling.

Stefan Zöls, who is responsible for the staff scheduling in the customer contact management department at E.ON Service Plus GmbH, confirms: “The solution from InVision Software has been in use in our company for many years and we are very happy with its functionality. The processes are running in an optimal way and the schedules are ideally suited to our service requirements. Thus, expanding InVision Enterprise WFM was just the next logical step.”

Thanks to the expansion of the WFM system, a considerable number of planners can use the system simultaneously now. Moreover, the integration of agents into the scheduling process has been enhanced by the Infothek Inform module. Infothek Inform continuously monitors all schedules and recognises any modification. In case of any schedule changes, agents are informed automatically in real-time via email. In addition, every agent is now able to retrieve his or her personal schedule at the push of a button.

“Due to the additional components, E.ON Service Plus GmbH can keep on creating schedules that at all times conform as closely as possible to the actual requirement“, says Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software. „Moreover, agents are now completely integrated into the planning process which will quickly have a positive impact on the employees’ satisfaction and motivation.”