14. Dezember 2009

Dependable HomeTech Optimises Workforce Management with InVision Software On Demand

Dependable HomeTech (DHT), a Canadian based provider of technology support services for residential and business customers, has selected InVision Enterprise WFM for optimising the scheduling of its call centre agents. By implementing the state-of-the-art technology from InVision Software, a leading international supplier of enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM) solutions, DHT aims for improving the efficiency of its disparate service departments. This will result in a better service at the appropriate times for its customers and a significant reduction in labour costs. InVision is providing its solution on an ASP (Application Service Providing) basis meeting DHT’s needs of a robust and cost-effective implementation.

DHT employs 500 people in total with 150 of them are working in the DHT headquarters based call centre. They service incoming calls from residential and business customers, providing technical support and premium support over the phone or online. ”We are committed to delivering a great customer experience and have therefore decided to implement a high-performance WFM software solution for the demand-oriented scheduling of our service employees“, explains Cheryl Lewis, Vice-President, Dependable HomeTech Services. “The InVision solution enables us to generate accurate day-to-day forecasts of the expected workload and to create automated and optimised staff schedules of the workforce needed.”

DHT’s decision to purchase InVision’s software solution was influenced by several factors: Besides economic reasons and InVision’s competitive pricing, DHT required one single platform for planning across disparate departments in order to achieve a truly flexibility in staff planning. Furthermore, DHT appreciated the high quality of InVision’s optimisation engine and the high performance of the module AutoScheduler. Using this feature, the planners at DHT can create requirement-driven and optimised schedules at the push of a button while meeting all scheduling constraints. The AutoScheduler performs the entire scheduling and optimisation process in a single step, starting from the long-term assignment of working hours per day all the way to defining individual activities to be performed within the course of a day.

“Now more than ever, cost-effective IT solutions are required which enable companies to reduce their operating expenses without abandoning service quality”, says Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software. “We are offering a solution that helps companies to reduce labour costs through automated, optimised scheduling and our short-term renewable licensing provides the cost advantage of on-demand software with the full functionality of a system installed on premise.”