13. August 2008

Call Centre Expo 2008: New Release of InVision Enterprise WFM Boosts Ease of Use and Saves Time

At this year’s Call Centre Expo, InVision Software, a world-leading supplier of solutions for enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM), presents the new release of its software solution InVision Enterprise WFM. In addition to the new modules HolidayManager and JobProcessor, version 4.6.0 offers fully integrated time & attendance functions and enhancements to many areas of the product which make the software tool for optimised employee scheduling even more powerful and user-friendly. Call Centre Expo takes place on 16th - 17th September at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham and is a key event for the international call centre industry. On the second day of the show, in the Call Centre Technology Theatre, InVision will demonstrate how to apply the tools and techniques of workforce management beyond the realm of inbound and outbound call centres and optimise staff scheduling right across the enterprise.

Visitors to InVision’s stand in hall 9, stand D25 can find out first-hand about the new features of release 4.6.0 of InVision Enterprise WFM. The integrated time & attendance functionality of the solution enables users to reduce payroll errors and save operating costs by automatically checking agent time records against schedules, highlighting anomalies and applying rounding rules before exporting time records to Payroll. Recorded working times are allocated to the right time accounts, e.g. for overtime, special shifts, holidays or normal working hours. InVision Enterprise WFM is unique in providing full time & attendance functionality in a WFM tool which is proven in the contact centre market.

The new module HolidayManager provides power tools for managing requests for vacation and other absences, ensuring that holiday allocation takes business staffing requirements into account while maximising agent satisfaction. Planners can schedule long-term absences as well as yearly vacation time, allowing for optimisation of vacation assignment within the forecasted staffing requirement. In addition, holiday and absence quotas can be displayed and accessed by employees using the agent web portal Infothek. JobProcessor increases system performance by allowing processes such as reporting and schedule optimisation to run in particular time slots or on free servers. Actions that use up a great deal of a computer’s resources can be delegated to free servers within a specific time frame. That way, this new module lightens the load on both the InVision Enterprise Server and the InVision HTTP Server. This yields much higher software performance.

Finally, version 4.6.0 offers numerous enhancements which build on the product’s already comprehensive functionality, to make InVision Enterprise WFM even more powerful and user-friendly. For example, the employee filter allows you to create individual employee lists using various master data criteria. Once a filter is saved, you can always go back to it using a drop-down list in the menu. That way, the user gains quick access to frequently-used employee groups in order to create and edit schedules. With the mass update function, you can modify master data across entire employee groups. Changes such as general contract adjustments that apply to an entire planning unit can be performed in one step, instead of modifying each employee data set individually.

Visit InVision Software at the 2007 Call Centre Expo: 

  • Hall 9, stand D25

Attend the InVision session at Call Centre Technology Theatre: 

  • Wednesday, 17th September 2008, 15:40 p.m.