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Consolidated Notes

to the Consolidated Interim Financial Statements of InVision AG as of 30 September 2015 (condensed/unaudited)

General information about the Company

The business activities of InVision Aktiengesellschaft, Düsseldorf (hereinafter also referred to as “InVision AG” or the “Company”), together with its subsidiaries (hereinafter also referred to as the “InVision Group” or the “Group”), include cloud-based services for contact centres offered under the injixo brand, learning content for contact centres offered under The Call Center School brand, and workforce management software offered under the InVision WFM brand. The InVision Group does business primarily in Europe and the United States.

The Company’s registered offices are located at Speditionstrasse 5, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany. The Company is recorded in the Commercial Register of the Local Court of Düsseldorf under the registration number HRB 44338. InVision AG has been listed in the prime standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under securities identification number 585969 since 18 June 2007.

Basis of the accounting

The condensed consolidated interim financial report for the reporting period was prepared in accordance with IAS 34 “Interim Financial Reporting”. The condensed consolidated interim financial report does not contain all explanations and information that are required for the financial statements of the full fiscal year and should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements as of 31 December of the previous fiscal year.

Group of consolidated companies

With retroactive effect as of 1 January 2015, and by contract dated 24 April 2015, InVision Software (Deutschland) GmbH was merged with InVision AG by means of an absorption merger, according to the provisions of the German Company Transformation Act (UmwG), in particular sections §§ 2 et seq., 4 et seq. and 60 et seq. (Parent-Subsidiary Merger). Thus, InVision Software (Deutschland) GmbH as a company is no longer included in the group of consolidated companies, as of the end of the reporting period. The remaining group of consolidated companies has not changed since 31 December of the previous fiscal year.

Treasury shares

The Company has no treasury shares.


Revenues are categorised as follows:

By Business Activities (in TEUR) 9M 2015 9M 2014
Subscriptions 7,677 6,893
Projects 1,499 2,592
Total 9,176 9,485

Deferred taxes

InVision Software (Deutschland) GmbH merged with InVision AG with retroactive effect as of 1 January 2015 on the basis of tax advice which was subsequently discovered to be incorrect. As a consequence unrecognised tax losses carried forward in the amount of EUR 2.4 million have been cancelled.

Events after the balance sheet closing date

After the end of the reporting period, there were no specific events which were of significant importance for the interim financial report.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the following members:

  • Peter Bollenbeck (Chairman), Düsseldorf
  • Armand Zohari, Bochum

Earnings per share

Earnings per share were calculated by dividing the periodic result, which is attributable to InVision AG’s shareholders, by the average weighted number of shares issued and outstanding during the reporting period. InVision AG has issued only ordinary shares. In the first nine months of 2015, there was an average of 2,235,000 shares issued and outstanding. Earnings per share for this period were therefore EUR 0.74, compared to EUR 1.47 in the previous year, based on 2,199,556 shares issued.

Responsibility statement by the Executive Board

To the best of our knowledge and in accordance with the applicable reporting principles for financial reporting, the consolidated interim financial statements give a true and fair view of the Group’s assets, liabilities, financial position and results of operation, and the interim Group’s management report includes a fair review of the development and performance of the business, together with a description of the principal opportunities and risks related to the anticipated development of the Group for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Düsseldorf, 17 November 2015

The Executive Board

Peter Bollenbeck
Armand Zohari