March 30, 2023

InVision AG Publishes Consolidated Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2022

InVision AG (ISIN: DE0005859698) today released the group’s annual financial statements for fiscal year 2022. Overall, the InVision Group generated revenues of EUR 14.464 million in fiscal year 2022 (2021: EUR 13.691 million), which corresponds to an increase of 6 percent. EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) decreased to minus EUR 3.097 million (2021: minus EUR 0.737 million) due to the planned growth investments in further expansion of headcount and the resulting increase in the cost base. Accordingly, the EBIT margin for 2022 declined to minus 21 percent (2021: minus 5 percent).

Operating cash flow fell to minus EUR 2.379 million (2021: minus EUR 0.483 million) and the Group’s overall result decreased from minus EUR 1.556 million in the previous year to minus EUR 4.060 million in 2022. Earnings per share went down from minus EUR 0.73 in 2021 to minus EUR 1.78 in the past fiscal year.

With an equity capital of EUR 7.965 million (2021: EUR 11.870 million), an equity ratio of 42 percent (2021: 59 percent), based on a balance sheet total of EUR 18.918 million (2021: EUR 19.988 million), and liquid funds of EUR 6.489 million (31 December 2021: EUR 6.338 million), InVision is solidly financed for further development.

The complete 2022 Annual Report is now available on this website at: