June 24, 2010

Leading Dutch Contact Centre Outsourcer Unamic/HCN Selects WFM Solution from InVision

InVision Software, a leading international supplier of enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM) solutions, was selected by Unamic/HCN, one of the largest contact centre outsourcing companies in the Netherlands, for the demand-oriented multi-site staff scheduling. The WFM system will bring operating efficiencies in handling front office inbound and outbound calls as well as back office tasks.

At the 17 Unamic/HCN contact centres across the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey and Suriname, approximately 2.500 agents are handling inbound and outbound calls as well as back office tasks such as e-mails, thus providing efficient, high quality service to Unamic/HCN’s clients and their customers. The modular architecture of InVision Enterprise WFM supports the entire process of demand-oriented workforce management at Unamic/HCN – from forecasting inbound and outbound tasks, scheduling and optimisation, to comprehensive monitoring and reporting. Moreover, thanks to the open interfaces of the software, it can be integrated smoothly into the existing HR system.

Wouter Widdershoven, Application Officer at Unamic/HCN and responsible for the WFM project explains: “Contact centre outsourcing is one of the most demanding, competitive and efficiency-focused business sectors. Clients turn to Unamic/HCN to deliver excellent service to their customers. Demand-oriented workforce management is a key enabler to this process and the powerful solution from InVision will enable Unamic/HCN efficiently to deliver on its client promises.”

InVision Enterprise WFM was chosen after a rigorous selection process in which all well-known WFM vendors participated. The selection process included numerous workshops, reference visits as well as ROI evaluation. “Our solution meets the needs of Unamic/HCN in an ideal way as the system is capable of mapping virtual structures and thus optimally supports the multi-site scheduling of the geographically dispersed sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey and Suriname”, says Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software. “The analysis and monitoring features of InVision Enterprise WFM will also help Unamic/HCN to further increase the productivity of their contact centres. For instance, target-performance comparisons may be constantly monitored to adjust scheduling to the forecast demand.”