October 09, 2012

InVision Presents Free Webinar: “7 Signs You Have Outgrown Excel Spreadsheets for Resource Planning”

On Thursday, 18th October 2012, at 1 pm BST, InVision will present the next free call centre webinar on callcentrehelper.com. In the interactive online session “Seven Signs You Have Outgrown Excel Spreadsheets for Resource Planning”, participants will learn to spot the symptoms of a deficient staff planning with Excel spreadsheets, see a live demo illustrating the benefits of professional workforce management tools and develop a solid business case for the upgrade.

When it comes to resource planning, it is amazing what can be done by a capable user of Excel. But as the contact centre grows and the workforce management (WFM) becomes more sophisticated, the limitations of spreadsheet-based planning become apparent. Even worse, functions like real-time schedule adherence monitoring are practically impossible using Excel. For years, professional WFM tools that overcome these limitations have been available, but until recently they required huge capital expense and a heavy IT implementation project. This has all changed with the advent of cloud-based WFM tools, which deliver all the essential workforce management functions on a low-cost, pay-as-you-go basis and with negligible IT implementation effort.

The panellists, Jonty Pearce, editor at Call Centre Helper, Chris Dealy and Dean Couchman, both from InVision, explore the symptoms that indicate that Excel may soon fail to fulfil the contact centre’s requirements and provide a business case to move to a professional WFM tool. The webinar also includes a live demonstration that shows how a modern and affordable cloud WFM solution can help contact centres to move resource planning to a new level, increasing KPI achievement, reducing manual effort and freeing up resource planners to manage continuous improvements instead of fire-fighting.

To sign up for the free webinar “Seven Signs You Have Outgrown Excel Spreadsheets for Resource Planning” please register here: Free Webinar@callcentrehelper.com.