October 30, 2007

InVision and ILD Showcase at WFM Symposium How to Meet the Demands of Mature Contact Centers

At tomorrow’s starting virtual Workforce Management Symposium, InVision Software and its customer ILD Telecommunications will showcase how ILD has managed to meet the new demands of its mature contact center. The Workforce Management Symposium is an online event especially for contact center experts wanting to keep on top of new industry developments. The symposium offers online seminars and live sessions taking place from tomorrow, October 31, to November 2, 2007. Furthermore, visitors can chat with peers in an online networking group and get access to hot topics in workforce management and industry expert knowledge that are provided at the virtual vendor booths. In addition to the ILD case, InVision is going to present other contact center case studies, whitepapers and industry news at its virtual booth.

In course of the one-hour online session, starting at 4 p.m. (eastern time) on October 31, InVision Software, one of the leading international providers of software for enterprise-wide workforce management solutions, will present jointly with ILD the transitioning from old business processes to new workforce management processes in a mature contact center. Before implementing the software solution InVision Enterprise WFM the ILD call center was using a version of software to perform workforce management that was not meeting the day to day needs of the business. Critical to this 24 x 7 operation was the need for an application to perform the scheduling of employees in an efficient and optimized manner, and intra-day revisions. The evaluation of alternatives and the subsequent deployment of a new platform presented challenges and opportunities for process improvement. Visitors of the Workforce Management Symposium will learn to know the vital factors and the hidden traps of such a process transformation.

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