Leadership. Not management.

The way we operate is based on a no-management structure. We are organized in interdisciplinary teams including all necessary skills in order to ship autonomously, without dependencies. This approach is not limited to product development, but also applicable to our talent or customer experience teams - in short: it’s company-wide. Everyone is required to take on leadership and the responsibility to prioritize their own tasks and actions, to develop value-added solutions, to create something new, to get ahead.

Together, No Solo-Run.

At InVision, teamwork isn’t just a buzzword - it’s how we function. Our work is defined by close collaboration. Our operating system consists of several context teams. Every context represents a part of our products or organization and consists of one team, working on the most vital challenges. Since skill requirements vary from task to task, we work in fluid teams, meaning they are put together and re-arranged in a flexible manner depending on the requirements. This enables us to achieve the best results - both for us and for our customers.

Purposeful. With focus and transparency.

Achieving something together is fun. In order to focus on a common goal we define annual and quarterly corporate OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). These OKR’s help us channel our efforts and actions towards a common direction and to focus on what is essential. Based on those company OKRs, every quarter all teams create their very-own results they wish to achieve within that period. Every week, every team checks how they are doing and prioritizes its tasks for the next week. All of this kept absolutely transparent and made available to everyone at InVision. As a result, we are able to synchronize ourselves even better, while celebrating achievements together.

Experiment. Learn. And grow.

To learn is deeply rooted in our culture. We analyze all things, perform pair programming and experiment with new methods, tools and technologies. We regularly leave our comfort zone. We free up 25 percent of our weekly working time for open spaces. These are held every Friday as well as for an entire week every quarter. Everyone of us can propose open topics that are worked on in smaller groups - be it improvements within our daily collaboration up to deep dives into new product ideas. We also attend workshops and conferences around the world. We organize meetups on topics we are interested in, to share our knowledge and to exchange ideas with others. We learn a lot. We evolve individually, while we grow together.

Feel good and explore.

We love what we do. In order to perform together on an exceptional level, feel good about what we do and to evolve, we work in an environment that supports all of this. This includes modern office spaces, high-end IT equipment and colleagues you enjoy working with. You can, for example, relax in our casual, inviting office space and enjoy weekly catered lunches from one of the many delectable restaurant options located in the heart of Chicago.

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